Tapri Glasses - Chasme Badoor (1)

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Description: Product Contains 2 hand designed designer Printed Glasses along with the Stand. Product is painted at multiple layers along with protective coating to make it very robust and ready for daily use. Each Glass Measures approx 90 Ml.

Use: This product can be used for any Hot & Cold Serving. A daily use product.

Base Material: Glass and Coated Wrought Iron Stand

Washing Advice: Avoid scrubber and hard detergents however sponge and mild soap can be used whenever required.

Product weight W/O Packaging : 465 Gms

Length : 8 cm

Width : 5.4 cm

Height : 8 cm

Theme : The theme of this set is Chashme Baddoor. The theme of these glasses is ‘Chashme Baddoor’. It is a slogan used in north India to ward off the evil eye. The slogan is frequently uttered as a protective phrase when a beloved succeeds, has good luck or otherwise receives praise, because those events are said to invite jealous attention.


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