A Krazy Mug is simply a love for Art by Puja Bajpai, offers exquisitely handcrafted premium hand painted items in its best forms.

Every product that we make is lovingly crafted by a skilled artisan, imparting a character and personality that is truly unique. Puja’s loves to preserve and promote the Handicrafts forms as not just Souvenirs/ Gifts or Show pieces but crafting an integral part of urban setting. This hand curated products spread across Kitchen & Bar, Tableware, Home Décor and many more supplies are stirred by Puja’s creativity.

Her Inspired designs are an innovation itself to transforming a mundane objects to an artefact.We create products that imagine fashion as a stylish and creative solution for very practical needs, and offer a seamless blend of form and function.

A Krazy Mug, strongly involves in urbanizing and empowering her artisan team to develop its economic and social values.

A Krazy Mug Studio follows the hybrid business model and its in-house marketing ensures that it generates work for the artisans and contributes to increasing livelihood.

A Krazy Mug is enthusiastic, spirited, and as colorful as the products we sell. We’re a small startup company, which means that our ideas are fresh and your opinions are heard. We truly love what we do and we would be delighted to work with people who are as curious and passionate as we are. If you love design, retail, e-commerce, marketing or technology send us your CV and we will get back to you! Mail us on akrazymug@gmail.com


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