Kettle - Chora Been Bajawe

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Description: The product contains a handpainted designer Stainless Steel kettle (Teapot). The theme of this kettle is Chhora Been Baajawe. India cultural heritage is depicted on this art piece including the designs carved on wooden partitions during the Mughal Empire called as ‘Jaali’ and the snake charmer with a ‘Been’. The Been is a wind instrument played by snake charmers in India. This was originally developed as an Indian folk music instrument. Snake charmers have a very ethnic style of dressing which includes a turban, earrings and necklace.

Use: This product can be used for any Hot & Cold Serving. A daily use product.

Base Material: Steel

Washing Advice: A gentle wash using sponge and mild detergent is recommended. Avoid scrubber and hard detergents.

Product weight W/O Packaging: 465 Gms

Length : 8 cms

Width : 5.4 cms

Height : 5 cms


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