AkrazyMug Represents Old is Gold

Old is Gold

Akrazy Mug is well known for its quality products. There are many quality checks are done in order to produce quality products.

Today, to ensure good health how much effort one takes? As a precaution we drink only pure water either boiled or purified with expensive electric purifiers. Instead of all this, one should drink only ‘Tamra-Jal’, which is pure and medicated too!


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Art and Artisans - Akrazy Mug

Art and Artisans - Akrazy Mug


Founded in 2011 Akrazy mug aim has always been to bring you a collection of delightful homewares and decor that encompass an elegant style as well as to promote exquisitely handcrafted and painted items in its best forms.

Here at Akrazy mug, we love a timeless style that transcends passing fashions and incorporates both the classic and the playful. We seek out Handicrafts forms as not just Souvenirs/ Gifts or Show pieces but crafting an integral part of urban setting that evoke a relaxed, old world style and perfectly complement the contemporary Indian home and lifestyle with elegance. Surround yourself with the beautiful textures and colors of natural materials and enjoy the warmth of a beautiful home. 

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Akrazymug – A perfect Gift!

Akrazymug – A perfect Gift!

Often the art market can be perceived as not being very approachable but today it has turned to be a misconception.

An art lover Puja Bajpai, offers exquisitely handcrafted premium hand painted items in its best forms labelled with the name of A Krazy Mug. Every product hers is crafted beautifully by a skilled artist. Each and every character painted are unique in their own way.


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AKrazyMug Presents Serving Trays

Serving Trays


Serving trays are of great importance for those who run a business in the catering and restaurant industry. There are various uses for serving trays like carrying food plates, Juices and beverages from one place to another. The size of these trays varies from small to medium and large. Some trays are used to hold plates and some for deserts. Now a days in many restaurants the food itself is severed on decorated trays.

Seeing the changing trends Akrazymug has come up with this unique idea of Hand painted Serving Trays. They have beautiful steel and wooden trays that suits all you needs. From your house kitchen to your restaurant or a Tapri wala, these trays are very affordable and durable.


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Akrazy Mug Presenting Katta Chai



Tea is an important part of Indian culture, and is the most commonly consumed hot drink, despite the country's long history of coffee consumption. Offering tea to guests is part of Indian hospitality. Tea is most often consumed in households, shops, and around Nukad – an area of social gathering of men. Despite its popularity, tea only became the beverage of choice in India in the 20th century. It was initially encouraged as an alternative to coffee which had become expensive and at times unavailable in the aftermath. Indian tea is traditionally offered in small tulip-shaped glasses which are usually held by the rim, in order to save the drinker's fingertips from being burned, as the tea is served boiling hot.

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A global arena for unique and creative goods.

A global arena for unique and creative goods.

Within our markets, thousands of people around the world connect, both online and offline to sell their unique products. We also offer a wide range of Hand painted items and tools that would help your kitchen and bar look more and would help them manage and scale their parties at a higher level. A Krazy Mug, strongly involves in urbanizing and empowering her artisan team to develop its economic and social values.

Over the past few years, A Krazy Mug has been bringing the latest designs & style to Indian homes. A krazymug offers the widest and best in class range in kitchens, home improvement and more. A Krazy Mug brings an enjoyable and hassle-free homemaking experience to all its valuable customers with varying lifestyles and preferences.

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A Krazy Mug Presents Add some style in your Home Bar

Add some style in your Home Bar

There can be a lot of hassles when it comes to entertaining guests. The heart of any home is the place where friends and family gather. Whether this is the living room, dining room, game room, or den, you can build an inviting room from the ground up starting with simple home bar essentials. Your bar and drinks setup is just one area where you can step up your game, but maybe you're not quite sure what exactly is missing.

Whether you'd like to impress guests with cool accessories or you just want a more innovative way to enjoy your drink of choice, you'll discover the perfect accessories at Akrazymug.

Once you have a good set of basic tools, upgrade your collection with custom-made pieces, and home bar accessories that show off your individuality. Drinkware, party supplies, and even the food and liquor that you serve will all contribute to the overall experience of your guests, so make sure you seek out something that represents you well. After-all, the right bar accessories make the experience of entertaining guests much better and easier.

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AKrazyMug Presents Artistic Cutlery

Are you're planning to highlight a gorgeous heirloom dish set or just want to complement your budding collection of everyday service? Akrazymug collection is an investment worth serious consideration. For those seeking unique serve ware, guests will come in direct contact with the collection far more often than the other table elements. For everyday use, it pays to find a set that feels just as comfortable in the hand as it does on the eye. Akrazymug collections have some type of unique feature or finish – something that can help set your dining arrangement apart from the rest.


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Serve Ware

Serve ware:

Serve ware typically refers to the items that beverages or food are served and in some instance prepared as in as well. The presentation of your food items is as important as the taste of it. Serve ware is a great addition to your kitchen as it helps you to serve your guests in style.

AkrazyMug offers you a distinct assortment of serve ware from all over the globe. One can add a splash to their table with our hand painted serve wares to create a vibrant scene for your family as well guests.

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AkrazyMug Presents Tumblers & Jugs

Tumblers & Jugs


Tumblers are the drinking glasses which we use on daily basis to drink water, in ancient years/ olden days they were normally made of copper & rich class use to have it of either gold or silver also. Nowadays, stainless steel & glass tumblers are most common & popular for use.  A Karzy mug has chosen to have steel tumblers & jugs as they are very commonly used across households & restaurants because of their advantages. We have used best rated quality steel & very unique hand painted designs to make these tumblers look attractive.  These designed tumblers have a very classic appeal & are well known for their durability, low coast & less maintenance. Visually steel tumblers look just like shiny metal & that is the reason we have made it look unique & artistic with our outer designs.


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A krazy Mug Home Decor Section

Home Decor:


Decor is a style or scheme of furnishings your room or a house to make it look better. Everyone wants a home which will make them smile & for that you need good interior which means antiques or cool modern things for decoration.


Why is Décor so important, because it’s our home where we enjoy time with family & friends, relax after having a long tiring day. A well-decorated home is a stage for a well-lived life. Mixing old with new is a sure way to create an interesting, beautiful space. You’ll literally be surrounding yourself with love when you incorporate family pieces with your own personal picks.


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Why do people say that the OLD IS GOLD

Old is Gold:


Why do people say that the OLD IS GOLD, because whatever we value the most is the old thing. We value them because they have left behind by the love, warmth and deep memory that can help people remember the past time.

We have great old-fashioned products which are made up of Brass, these are not only versatile but also economical & they will last for generations. The Brass is an alloy which is the combination of copper & Zink. It gives very beautiful & bright gold like appearance. Our ancestors use to have a very healthy life compared to us, one of the various reasons was their daily use of Brass & copper utensils. It has been proved that it carries lot of medicinal properties, which tremendously beneficial for our health.


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Bar Accessories:
Bar Accessories:

Bar Accessories :- 


If you have a kitchen with empty shelves & clear counters, you defiantly would fill it up with plates, cups & utensils. The same concept applies to the bar as well. To have your bar function properly, you need the right tools & accessories for it. If you fill your bar with mugs, trays, servers, bottle openers, cocktail mixers, and more, then it will be more complete and increase your chances of creating a fun, relaxing environment.

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A krazy Mug Serving Trays

Serving Trays:

 Serving Trays

The serving tray will definitely be a prefect addition to your tableware & one of the most impressive ways of presenting beverages/ meal to guests.

It can be used for a huge variety of things some of which may include carrying food and beverages. You can also organize with serving trays, and larger trays may even be used to hold magazines or anything else in one spot.

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A krazy Mug Serving Kettles

Serving kettles:

Serving Kettles 

Can’t imagine starting your day without a cup of tea? We feel you. That’s why every tea drinker need the best utensils for the morning tea.

Tea has incredibly long list of health benefits (we’ll take a greater mental alertness any day), drinking tea brings about feelings of warmth and comfort. 

Really, what’s better than curling up with a hot cup of tea and a great book, especially when you’ve probably spent most of your time stressing yourself out! Take your tea habit to the next level by adding a beautiful tea kettle to your kitchen.


Serving tea with a kettle is a traditional way which is always preferred than just brew a bag in a mug of hot water.

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A krazy Mug Bar Accessories

A proper cocktail party requires a proper bar setup. Stocking up on the liquors and mixers of your favorite drinks is a great first step in laying the foundation for your at-home bar. Likewise having the best bar accessories too is as important as having the best stocked bar. 

A Krazy Mug Bar Accessories

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A krazy Mug Tea Cups

A Krazy Mug - Tea Cup Set


Chai- the drink India can’t live without. This awesome hot beverage is a regular entertainer, a source of living, a refreshing drink, an excuse for discussions, a part of gossip culture and a household tradition in India.

You must be thinking why we are calling it as cutting???.... Because it is about enjoyment, sharing and being a powerful pick-me-up. And that’s exactly what you can expect here.

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Tea Sets by A Krazy Mug
Tea Sets by A Krazy Mug

You may have seen plenty of tea cups and saucers. You might have received them as gifts. Or you may have offered them as presents. May be tea sets are the primary things that you come up with when it's about gifts. Indeed tea time is the time when we unite, we communicate and most of all we create memories that will stay with us forever. Hence people value truly value the tea time.

We A Krazy Mug offer you beautifully Hand Painted Cutting Chai GlassesKatta Chai SetsServing Tea Kettles. 

Our products offer some specific features to make your tea times far more colourful and enjoyable.

  • All of our products are Indian by the spirit. The cutting chai glasses and Kettle sets are truly representative of regular tea stalls where we all used to spend times during our college lives.
  • The regular Indian style tea sets become very unconventional by the vision and craftsmanship of Puja Bajpai. You'll witness many stories about different cities, about different cultures of India, painted on our products. The vibrant colours and the out of the box designs make the tea sets worth a watch.
  • The interesting outlook of the tea sets makes them classy home decor items as well as Unique Gift Items.

Let's have look at few of our products:

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Classy Jewellery Boxes by A Krazy Mug
Classy Jewellery Boxes by A Krazy Mug

Women believe in their jewellery boxes. They capture their past, present, and future in those boxes. Every earring, necklace, and ring tell a story about their lives, their parents’ or grandparents’ lives, or the lives they will change in the future. Jewellery boxes aren't just mere objects that you buy, use and forget. They are more than just mere boxes, they are the places to memories that last forever. A Jewellery box is the mirror of a woman's life. It not only stores gems and rings rather it stores joy and happiness of her life in addition.

We at A Krazy Mug are celebrating the true value of Jewellery Boxes by offering you hand crafted and hand painted Jewellery boxes. The premium quality handcrafted Jewellery box adds a classy touch of ethnicity to your bedroom. The colourful and thematic artistic treatment of the boxes makes them pretty unique gift items too.

Let's have a look at our collections:

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