5 Amazing Katta Chai or Tea Glass Holder Just A Click Away | Hand Made Home Decor Accessories That Are Bound To Accentuate Your Home | akrazymug.com





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Below we list down the products that are effective of the deal.


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Save ₹500 on Hand Made Aluminium & Steel Kettles | A Krazy Mug

You've heard it right,  Save ₹500 on Stainless Steel and Aluminium Kettles.

Grab  this opportunity before it's gone,  Offer Valid Up till 22nd of November,2018.



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Month of Marriages Have Begun | Purchase Some Amazing Marriage Gifts With A Krazy Mug. | Hand Made and Hand Painted Home Decor | www.akrazymug.com

If you're attending a wedding of a close friend of yours or you're getting married and you have a new house to look up to to live in, you might be puzzled as to what to gift your spouse / your other half or to your friend who's getting married. Nevertheless, Home Decor is one important factor in House Decoration as well as personalizing and styling your home to your taste and fashion, that not only gives a new perspective to your life and a whole new feel to the place you stay in but also gives you this sense of pleasure and contentment that it's your home built up to your perfection and taste.

You might as well be confused to gift someone whilst they're getting married and it's often a tougher job to gift than to get gifted, but worry not we've got you covered, here are a list of few products that are solely manufactured, handmade and hand painted Home Decor and Kitchenette Accessories that is created with the perfection of some talented artisans.


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Your Ultimate Satisfaction of Hand made and Hand Painted Home Decor & Kitchenette Accessories Ends Here |The 4 How To's Glam Up Your Home | www.akrazymug.com

Home is where the heart is and what better way to dress up your home than purchasing some amazingly curated hand made and hand painted Home Decoration bits and pieces that not only lightens up your home and those boring dull shelves in your house but also make your home a better living place because honestly who doesn't want a bit of a change in their lifestyle and their way of living. Life is all meant about changes and growth.

We, at A Krazy Mug specifically cater into such hand made and hand painted Tableware, Serveware, Barware and Different kitschy , ethnic and beautifully hand painted kitchenette accessories.

Here are some 4 How To's To Dress Up Your Home in Our Way :

Cutting Chai Glasses:

Here are some creatively made and one of our top grossed, searched and our customer's favorite, the cutting chai glasses or the tea glasses that have been eyed upon for a while and our customers love this just for its simplicity and the way  a simple tea glass ( that's normally preferable way of drinking and sipping your tea / coffee from)  can be manufactured to such precision and creativity that it's the most eye catchy product of ours. Because again, simple things when re engineered become way more productive.

Go ahead and gift these glasses to someone who's a huge fan of cutting chai/ or the way it's been said our Tapri Glasses.


Katta Chai :

Well you need something to hold those cutting chai glasses onto and what better than a squared stand.



Stainless Steel Tumblers:

Perfect amalgamation of Serveware and Tableware that is beautifully and creatively designed Steel Tumblers that are travel friendly too!



Stainless Steel and Aluminium Kettles :

Check out this blog of ours for more information on Stainless Steel and Aluminium Kettles.

5 Indigenous Beautifully Hand Made and Hand Crafted Aluminium Kettles | Akrazymug.com | Creativity At It’s Best


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Very Few Days Left To Opt In For The Diwali Sale | Hurry Up Before It’s Too Late | Akrazymug.com

Enlighten your Diwali by Shopping the best of Home Decor and

Kitchenette Products out there. Buy amazing Hand made and

hand painted Cutting Chai Glasses, Tapri Glasses, Katta Chai and

Stainless Steel Tumblers.

Gift your loved ones the perfect Diwali gift that they would always

remember up until the next Diwali. Of course who doesn’t like a

bit of Exclusively Premium Hand painted Products.




                                                                                 Tapri Glasses - Chotu Hathi



                                                              Stainless Steel Kettles




                                                             Stainless Steel Tumblers






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#Top3 Genre of Products - Go To Buy's This Diwali | Enlighten Your Diwali By The Perfect Home Decor and Serveware Accessories | Only By A Krazy Mug
#Top3 Genre of Products - Go To Buy's This Diwali | Enlighten Your Diwali By The Perfect Home Decor and Serveware Accessories | Only By A Krazy Mug

Here's a whole list of Diwali Gift Ideas to not only celebrate this Diwali just like you always did but celebrate it with the perfect gifting ideas in mind for this auspicious celebration. We bring an exclusive list of unique & trendy gifts for your family.












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10 Fabulous & Premium Home Decor and Kitchenette Products | Revamp Your Home and Kitchen | A Krazy Mug

Every once in awhile you need to step up your game when it comes to organising and maintaining your Kitchenette Products and Home Decor. For how long would those Barware and kitchen products sit on your table or your shelves?




With every festival passing by , you ought to change your interior to make you feel refreshed , and you then begin to love your home altogether wit a profound new spirit , everything feels different and your perspective for sure changes when you revamp and refurbish somethings that no longer give you a new jazz in your life, after life’s an ongoing process of multiple changes, and once you incorporate these changes you feel energized and positivity flows in everytime you bring a change of the way of your lifestyle and your living stature.


And all of this certainly feels even more amazing when you purchase some amazing products that you love and adore whilst it being affordable at the same time.


If you have made through (read our blog) up till now, then get to see some of the most Ethnic , Inspired by various themes , Quirky products by  A Krazy Mug.


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6 Best Ways To Optimize Your Kitchen Cabinet | Light It Up This Navratri | Home Decor & Kitchenette Accessories| Only At A Krazy Mug


It’s never too hard to maintain and optimize your Kitchen Cabinets and enhance those old mundane Grey corners of your kitchen that speaks boredom and needs a revamp immediately. As they say, ” home is where the heart is ” – which simply must explain why we spend so much time in spending the right amount of money on affordable yet ethnic and quirky products.



It’s so important to bring a change in the way you live and ho everything should be styled in your home to your perfection and your taste that you can’t ever go wrong about. Adding these simple Home Decor Ideas can drastically bring a big difference in your house.



We, at A Krazy Mug, bring you the best curated products to help you fathom your creativity when it comes to styling and refurbing your Home and all those nooks in your house that needs a change immediately. We deal in products starting from Cutting Chai Glasses, to Stainless Steel tumblers, to Steel and Aluminium Kettles, and Home Decor essentials. Every Product that we make is lovingly hand crafted and hand made by our skilled Artisans who make it sure that all our customers are satisfied and content with the kind of services and products we cater into.



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Hurry Up Before They're Gone ! |Navratri Special For Every Home Decor Lovers Out There! | www.akrazymug.com






Only For 1895 /- 

Product Contains a Hand Painted Designer Stainless Steel Kettle measuring approx 1 ltr capacity. The Art work is done on multiple layers and then coated with a protective layer to make it ready for daily serving. Use with any Hot & Cold serving. All Colors including top coat used are food safe, odour less, En 71.3 compliant qualifies best European standards.


Purchase Now













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9 Navratri Gifts Your Loved Ones Would Adore | Best of Home Decor & Kitchenette Accessories | A Krazy Mug

Navratri is such an important Hindu Festival that is celebrated throughout India , it is particularly celebrated by exchanging Navratri Gifts between your loved and special ones. Navratri marks the beginning of the auspicious season where people indulge in buying and shopping amazing gifts for home, family and friends. This year celebrate this auspicious Festival by purchasing amazing Home Decor, Serveware from A Krazy Mug.

This is the most awaited season in most of the Hindu tradition. Followed by the Diwali vacation this makes the month of October- November the most happening ones of the year.


Here are some fabulous Navratri Gifts that A Krazy Mug has to offer :-



Here we have the kettle with a beautiful lady clad in traditional attire & a saree reflecting the ethnic culture, with beautiful lotus flowers which symbolise peace & positivity.



Nimbu mirchi in Indian culture is believed to ward of evil spirits. This Kettle is inspired from this age old belief.






These glasses show beautifully designed lotus which is considered the symbol of purity & hope.



Stainless Steel Tumblers


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INR 200 OFF on Purchases Above 1000 |#FridayFever |Only At www.akrazymug.com









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5 Ways To Revamp Your Kitchen And Home | Home Decor & Kitschy Products | Only At www.akrazymug.com

If you are wanting to get your hands on of the most creative and savvy Kitchenette Tools and Products to enhance that particular shelf  on your kitchen that not only looks quirky but also brightens your kitchen cabinets and cutlery , then you’re at the right place for we at AKrazymug.com provide you one of the finest hand made and hand designed products ranging from Steel Tumblers to Cutting Chai Glasses , Steel KettlesKatta Chai and different numerous Home Decor Materials. Revamp the interior style of your room by buying the best Home Decor Products. Liven up your creative tableware by buying different Canisters, Tumblers & Jugs that you can simultaneously be gifted as Anniversary Gift , Birthday Gift or a Gift to your Mother!


Products At A Krazy Mug


Every product that we make and everything that goes into it, be it the skills the time and patience everything collectively turns out to be a work of perfection. The kind of products that deal into makes us different and stand out unique in the Global Market. To Cutting Chai Glasses to Steel Canisters to Katta Chai to Home Décor & Barware , everything is solely handmade and hand designed by our skilled artisans.




Handicrafts & Handmade

Handicrafts , certainly referred to as Handmade crafts or artisary are basically when the art and talent of skilled people flow in and create varied and unique types of items starting from consumer goods to decorative pieces out of paper, wood, clay, glass, stainless steel, plastic, shells,rock ,stone ,metal etc with the help of simple or a bit of complex tools regardless of the technology that’s been provided these days , handicrafts have a totally different touch and feel to it and are solely handmade without the usage of any machine.



For any Special Deals or Bulk Orders, surf onto  http://www.akrazymug.com and/or call us at +91 98339 83534






5 Indigenous Beautifully Hand Made and Hand Crafted Aluminium Kettles | Akrazymug.com | Creativity At It's Best

Steel Kettle - Durga Puja

Durga Pooja during navratri is the biggest event in the West India. This Kettle depicts the image of Durga Maa with Garlands of flowers.



Steel Kettle - Delhi Theme Pink

‘Dilwalon ki dilli’ is how Delhi was and is still known. Delhi’s culture is not an outcome of one ruler or one dynasty, but centuries of rich amalgamation of people, their beliefs, their values, their traditions that has never failed to leave a mark on the hearts of the people, especially due to its cultural heritage.


Steel Kettle - I am Mumbai


Mumbai is the city of dreams. Here the kettle has images of kaali peeli taxi, Big B, Gate of India & the glasses have names of 2 most famous station i.e Bandra & Dadar which symbolise everything that is Mumbai.

Steel Kettle - Lotus Lady


Here we have the kettle with a beautiful lady clad in traditional attire & a saree reflecting the ethnic culture, with beautiful lotus flowers which symbolise peace & positivity.


Steel Kettle - Mumbai Meri Jaan


This is Steel Kettle with two painted with all Mumbai Motifs i.e. GateWay of India, Vada Pav, CST Station, Mumbai DabbaWala, Auto (Tuk Tuk).


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New Products On Your Way | Best of Hand Painted Home Decor & Kitschy Accessories At Your Doorstep With Just a Click! | www.akrazymug.com

        Home Decorating Ideas Using Handcrafted and/or Handmade Products


  In today's era there are multiple creative ways and techniques one can refurbish and revamp the interiors and what better way than   decorating it by handcrafted and handmade materials and products that completely change the outlook of your interior giving your home  the perfect new edge that you'd been wanting for years.

 For those of you who don't actually know what exactly Handmade artifacts are , they are simply decorative pieces of things that can be   used that are all made by hands of skillful artisans.


Cutting Chai Glasses :


Steel Tumblers & Jugs:



Katta Chai :



To see more of our products or to have more of an insight into the kind of products that we deal into, go ahead and visit our website at  www.akrazymug.com

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