Tea Sets by A Krazy Mug
Tea Sets by A Krazy Mug

You may have seen plenty of tea cups and saucers. You might have received them as gifts. Or you may have offered them as presents. May be tea sets are the primary things that you come up with when it's about gifts. Indeed tea time is the time when we unite, we communicate and most of all we create memories that will stay with us forever. Hence people value truly value the tea time.

We A Krazy Mug offer you beautifully Hand Painted Cutting Chai Glasses, Katta Chai Sets, Serving Tea Kettles. 

Our products offer some specific features to make your tea times far more colourful and enjoyable.

  • All of our products are Indian by the spirit. The cutting chai glasses and Kettle sets are truly representative of regular tea stalls where we all used to spend times during our college lives.
  • The regular Indian style tea sets become very unconventional by the vision and craftsmanship of Puja Bajpai. You'll witness many stories about different cities, about different cultures of India, painted on our products. The vibrant colours and the out of the box designs make the tea sets worth a watch.
  • The interesting outlook of the tea sets makes them classy home decor items as well as Unique Gift Items.

Let's have look at few of our products:


The product contains a designer Hand painted wooden stand and 4 coloured glasses. Ready for daily and rough use. Each Glass Measures approx 90 Ml

A Note by the Artist:

The theme of this set is Lotus Lady. The lotus flower is very important in Indian culture. It symbolizes creation and rebirth, it's a symbol of the sun because at nightfall it closes and goes beneath the water and at dawn, it climbs up above the water and reopens. The lotus is an emblem of hope, love, eternal youth, fertility, purity, non-attachment and prosperity. It has a particular link to feminine energy, especially a woman's eyes. The Goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi, who creates abundance in every situation she encounters, uses a lotus flower as her throne.


Product Contains 6 designer Hand Painted Glasses along with the Stand. The product is painted with multiple layers along with protective coating to make it very robust and ready for daily use. Each Glass Measures approx 90 Ml.

A Note by the Artist:

The theme of this set is Wind Chimes. Wind chimes inspired me to paint this theme. These are bells made from suspended tubes, rods, bells or other objects and are often made of metal or wood. Since ancient times these are usually hung outside of a building or residence, hung up in gardens, courtyards, under the corners of roofs of temples and palaces as a visual and aural garden ornament. The slightest breeze swings the clapper and causes a melodious tinkling. It is a symbol of good fortune and a charm against the evil eye.


Product Contains a Hand Painted Designer Aluminum Kettle and two painted glasses. The Art work is done on multiple layers and then coated with a protective layer to make it ready for daily serving. Use with any Hot & Cold serving. All Colors including top coat used are food safe, odour less, En 71.3 compliant qualifies best Europian standards. Kettle Measures 1.5 Ltr and Glass approx 90 Ml.

A Note by the Artist: 

The theme of this kettle is Madhubani Rikshaw. Madhubani is derived from the words: ѓ??Madhuѓ?? which means honey and Ban means forest or woods. Madhubani or Mithila painting is an ancient style folk painting of northern India. It is mostly practised by women in the villages since centuries. Painting is done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks, using natural dyes and pigments. I love to create my own charm and an exceptional style, Thus I have recreated a fusion of arts on my work to bring you something extra ordinary!

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